£30 per month*
With the MyWebsite package, we’ve brought together everything you need to showcase your firm online. You’ll get a hosted website that’s modern, compliant, and fully responsive, which you can personalise with your logo and corporate colours. There’s no set up fee and your site could be up and running in a couple of weeks.

Key features

  • Add a range of client friendly digital tools and calculators provided by industry leaders
  • Seamlessly integrate social media channels with your website
  • Showcase your key services with a slideshow banner


£50 per month*

MyWebsite Plus expands your reach online by combining your hosting and website with additional news updates. You’ll still benefit from no set up fees, a low monthly running cost, and a hosted website that’s beautifully designed and fully responsive, plus, we’ll automatically upload professionally written and compliant content to your site every week to help
boost your site’s overall performance.

Key features

  • Hosted responsive website with a range of designs, images and content to choose from
  • Provide insights to your clients with up to three topical and compliant articles added automatically to your website weekly
  • Choose from a range of categories to complement the services you offer


£70 per month*
The MyWebsite Pro package takes care of all your digital marketing needs by combining your website and its hosting, plus you’ll have access to timely and relevant content that’s professionally written and compliant in a range of formats to engage your clients and reach your prospects online.

Key features

  • Hosted responsive website with a range of designs, images and content to choose from
  • Engage your online audiences with access to a variety of publications that we implement on your behalf
  • Access our Economic Reviews, Residential Property Reviews, Budget Updates and Tax Infographics that are automatically added to your site

If you subscribe to MyCommunications and any of the MyWebsite range at the same time, you will enjoy a 25% discount on the combined price.

Please click here to view the design options…

FusionIFA | Mortgages

VisionIFA | Mortgages

DynamicIFA | Mortgages

EvolveIFA | Mortgages

Please click here to view the image collections…

IFA | Mortgages

Want to know about the different types of content?

If you want to read about each of the different types of content available in the MyWebsite range click here and about other content available as ‘additional content’ you can ‘bolt on’ click here.

Upgrading website cookies, calculators and Google Review

At SimplyBiz we are committed to continually upgrading and enhancing our offering to make sure we’re always offering a fit-for-purpose service to our members.

As part of this we’re delighted to be able to announce that we’ve fully upgraded our client-facing tools and calculators, with 17 new options available, all built on fresh technology which will allow them to be fit-for-purpose long into the future. In addition, we are now also available to offer a Google Review Widget.

As part of the upgrade to calculators we are also upgrading how our websites handle cookies. To adhere with current GDPR best practice visitors should be able to individually opt in or out of every website element with a third-party interaction. As such, for the new calculators, Google review widget and any other elements requiring third-party interaction, you will need an upgraded website cookie banner. Being more complex this unfortunately brings a cost. We have kept this as low as possible and at a cost of £96pa + VAT this will cover all the cookie requirements across your whole website.

Please indicate your choices on the website order form.

Need more from your website?

If you want something that is more tailored to your firm’s requirements, we have two choices for you.

While Custom-made sites aren’t bespoke, they are more flexible than a MyWebsite. You will work with the team at TOMD who will create a design for you based on your specific needs, once you’ve approved the design, they will build your site for you.

The good news is that, for a monthly fee, you can subscribe to the compliance-approved services and news content which will be added to your custom-made site. To find out more about the custom-made sites contact the team at TOMD on 01279 657555 or info@tomd.co.uk.

Alternatively, if you want something that’s truly built to your requirements, with no constraints then a bespoke site is the best route for you. Costs will depend on your requirements. To find out more, contact the team at TOMD on 01279 657555 or info@tomd.co.uk.


* All prices plus VAT.


Want to proceed?

If you are ready to order your new website, please click on the link below and fill out the order form.


If you’d like to find out more information or you’re ready to go ahead with one of our exclusive MyMarketing packages, please visit the Member and Client website under ‘Your Business’. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of the Adviser Services team on 01484 44 3470 or email Adviserservices-tech@simplybiz.co.uk.

Got a site and need changes?

If you’ve got an existing site through SimplyBiz, and want to request changes to it, please click here and complete and submit the form.

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