We’ve indicated against each item in which package they (or the articles in them) are included. You can click on the links to see samples.

Economic Review ^♦

Produced at the beginning of each month and reflects the economic activity of the previous month.

Commercial Property Market Review^♦ and Residential Property Review^♦

Both published around the third week of each month, and cover topical issues in the property sectors along with house price trends.

Quarterly newsletters ~^♦

Three different four page A4 newsletters, focused on different client audiences, published every quarter, in English and Scottish versions. Your Window on Wealth (investment topics), Your Window on Money (general financial services topics), Your Window on Home Finance (Mortgage and general insurance).

The Summer 2022 issues of the newsletters, which are available as part of MyCommunications, can be ordered on a pay-as-you-go basis here.

Quarterly magazine ~^♦

A 12 page magazine that includes content from the Wealth and Money newsletters.

Budget Update ^♦

Published quickly after the Budget, provides an overview of the key points that affect clients

Tax guide ^♦

Updated annually. The 2022-23 tax guides can be ordered on a pay-as-you-go basis here.

News in Review

The weekly News in Review focuses on economic and market news in the UK and across the globe. It is published every Wednesday.

End of year Tax Planning Guide

Updated annually

ISA Flyer


♦  Publication included in MyCommunications
~ Articles/content included in MyWebsite Plus
^ Articles/content included in MyWebsite Pro

Additional content

In addition to the core content that is included in some of the MyWebsites and MyCommunications, TOMD produces a range of additional specialist content that can be ‘bolted on’ to one of your packages.

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The most cost-effective way to purchase our content, either as publications or as articles, is through MyCommunications or MyWebsite Plus or Pro, however you can also buy these on an ad hoc basis. They are available in a variety of different formats (PDF, Word, HTML emails or print). The costs vary, but as an example, the Economic Review purchased as a personalised PDF (with your logo and contact details) costs just £35 or an HTML email file for use with our email campaign facility costs £35 (both plus vat).

To find out more, contact TOMD on 01279 657555 or email info@tomd.co.uk