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  • Defined Benefit (DB) Transfers and Triage

This useful document offers a closer look at defined benefit pension schemes and outlines their various advantages and disadvantages.

It helps pension savers to understand whether transferring their defined benefit pension to an individual pension or drawdown plan would be suitable for them, and encourages them to seek regulated financial advice for guidance personalised to their circumstances.

  • Investing in times of uncertainty

This recently updated document puts short-term market volatility into historical context. It explains that many investors are getting used to a variety of political, financial and economic factors and learning to look through the ‘noise’ to focus on what really matters, and that portfolio diversity holds the key to approaching investments and managing risk.

It also refers to the importance of thinking about longer-term timescales instead of focusing too intently on short-term events and market fluctuations.

  • Investing for the long-term – lessons from the past

This insightful document provides a rundown of the major movements of the FTSE 100 since inception. Although the emergence of COVID-19 brought an end to the drawn-out recovery of major stock markets, it’s certainly not the first dip experienced by the index.

This publication is a reminder that global markets do occasionally falter for a variety of reasons, but, as an investor, putting any volatility into historical context is useful and despite a variety of market shocks over the years, the index still has a long term growth trend.

  • The value of financial advice

At all times, but particularly in uncertain times, access to advisers’ expert insight and knowledge has never been more valuable to both existing and prospective clients. Although you know the value your advice brings to your clients’ lives and circumstances, sometimes it’s a good idea to remind and reassure them.

Whatever stage in life your clients are at, this document highlights the benefit of advice when taking major financial decisions.



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  • Defined Benefit Transfers and Triage is an A4 four-page document, available in PDF or HTML formats.


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